Our custom design process

Each Hardwood Urn is hand-crafted to your specifications.

After you place an order, you will receive an email with instructions that walk you through the customization process. Of course, we are available by phone to help you with design decisions, too. 

These are the choices you have in customizing your Hardwood Urn:

1. Wood species

Chosen for their beauty and symbolism, six varieties of wood are available to select for your Hardwood Urn design. Each hardwood we carry is harvested in America from sustainable sources.

2. Joinery Detail

Four joinery techniques are available to accent a Hardwood Urn: dovetail, spline, diamond, and dowel. Select from any one of the six wood species. Select a wood for it’s symbolism, or choose based on how the color complements or contrasts the main wood selected.

3. Engraving

We provide a variety of engraving designs ranging from traditional to modern. Accentuate the design with a favorite quote or epitaph, or include a monogram or icon that captures the essence of a loved one. 

4. Pendleton Wool Lining

The Remembrance Hardwood Urn features a Keepsake Shelf upholstered in a Pendleton wool. Select the color or pattern to add a special, warm touch to your Hardwood Urn. 


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