Transferring cremains into an Urn

Transferring cremains into an urn should be a dignified and provide a ceremonial process. 

Ashes from a crematory usually arrive in a plastic bag enclosed in a plastic container. You can easily transfer the plastic bag from the plastic container to the urn without removing the ashes from the bag.

The Hardwood Urn design was developed after Jeff's first-hand experience not too long ago. Jeff travelled to support family members after a relative's passing, and one of the tasks was to transfer cremains from the crematory plastic bag into a purchased urn. Unfortunately, it was an unpleasant - and somewhat traumatic - experience. As ashes were poured from the plastic bag into the narrow opening of the urn, cremains spilled across the table and created an ash plume in the air. Jeff's great aunt (the widow) excused herself, as the ordeal was just too much.

Transfer of cremains to a Hardwood Urn is a simple, dignified process.

Simply remove the plastic bag containing the cremains and insert into the hand-sewn woolen shroud provided. The shroud wraps warmly around cremains, and is closed by looping a thin leather strap around two wooden buttons. The woolen shroud is then placed in the bottom of the Hardwood Urn, and the Keepsake Shelf is placed on top.