What makes a Hardwood Urn Co. urn so special?

Hardwood Urn Co. hand builds each one-of-a-kind urn to your specifications. Master woodworker Jeff Bodner hand builds each Hardwood Urn in honor of your loved one. You won’t find pre-constructed or mass-produced products at Hardwood Urn Co.

Here are some of the features that make a Hardwood Urn an master woodworking art piece your family will treasure:

Hand-selected materials.

Jeff travels to wood mills across the Pacific Northwest to hand-select each piece of wood used to construct a Hardwood Urn. He considers coloration, grain patterns, and distinctive features for each piece. 

Solid, sustainable American hardwood.

Many wood urns or boxes are constructed of veneers (thin layer of real wood) glued to a plywood product. Sometimes, the veneer can delaminate or crack and expose the plywood underneath. Our Hardwood Urn is constructed of only beautiful, solid hardwood. Woods used for Hardwood Urns are grown in America from sources that are environmentally conscious and use sustainable methods. 

Book-matched grain.

Jeff Bodner uses this master craftsman technique to align the wood grain as the sides wrap around to form the box. In addition the lid and bottom panel of the Urn is book-matched to provide a beautiful effect that highlights the grain pattern of the wood.

Hand-rubbed finish.

The all-natural finish used for Hardwood Urns is hand-applied in three to five coats. Between coats, the Hardwood Urn is hand-sanded using a fine-grit sandpaper and 'wet sanding' method to provide a beautiful finish and smoothness-to-the-touch that is indicative of the artisan quality of Hardwood Urn Co.